• SeminART with Pepa Saavedra, 22nd & 23rd October.

SeminART with Pepa Saavedra at Firestorm Games, Cardiff on 22nd & 23rd October 2016.


Only 15 Place availble.


Please note, 50% is none refundable, due to the fact that this payment is required to pay for the services, travel and accommodation of the artist. No refund will be processed after 15 calendar days prior to the first day of the workshop, nor after a workshop begins. Also, there will be no refund for personal emergencies, or for any reason you fail to show up, regardless of the circumstances, or if you drop out of the workshop after it has begun for any reason.


What’s next?
We will send you a registration for for you to fill out along with a further information sheet.


We look forward to seeing you in Cardiff!

SeminART with Pepa Saavedra, 22nd & 23rd October.

  • £185.00

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